Essay on Pollution in 600 Words

A Short Essay on POLLUTION
Pollution is defined as the addition of any harmful substance or energy in the environment at a rate
faster than it can be dispersed, diluted or decomposed. It is one of the biggest menaces to the mankind.
India ranked 177 out of 180 countries in Environment performance index.

Causes of pollution depend upon the type of pollution. For air pollution emission of harmful gases by the
industries and vehicles, stubble burning by the farmers, burning of waste by people in open space,
construction works are some reasons.

For noise pollution loud horn honking by the cars and trucks, noise in industries, loudspeakers, shouting by hawker are some reasons.

For water pollution dumping of waste in water bodies, discharge of industrial effluents and ash spillage in water bodies are some reasons.

For soil pollution excessive use of fertilizers and insecticides which percolates through soil and
pollutes both soil and ground water.

Impacts are equally perilous according to the contamination. Air pollution may lead to respiratory
diseases like bronchitis, asthma, TB, lung cancer. Noise pollution may lead to hypertension, permanent
deafness, irritation. Water pollution may indirectly cause disease like Minamata disease, diarrhea,
reduction in photosynthesis for aquatic animals, eutrophication. Soil pollution might lead to loss in
fertility of soil and decline in food production.

To combat pollution large chimneys, efficiently designed equipment, use of renewable sources of
energy, intense afforestation, sound proofing in the industries, time limit for loudspeakers, treating the
industrial waste and proper segregation and treatment of different types of waste, stopping the use of
plastic bags, treating sewage before use are some methods.

Government of India has taken various steps like SAUBHAGYA yojana, Ujjwala yojana, signing of Paris
agreement, jump from BS-IV to BS-VI, ban on plastic waste. Pollution is a dreadful disease and requires
our unity and commitment for its eradication. Hope we do needful.
Note- Pollution control and measure in India are guided by the Air act of 1981 and it needs amendment
to put plug on some of the loopholes.

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Essay on Pollution
Essay on Pollution

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